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Letter: Who watches out for us?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

How would you like it if there was a character assassination in your family? Can you even imagine a member found guilty until proven innocent, treated as a fugitive and arrested at a restaurant having dinner with his wife and son? The shock is enough for him to be hospitalized in Maryland and left in jail, questions unanswered for 30 days while there is a search for evidence based on accusations from an unknown source. No chance to reject the claims.

Out-of-town family gathered for Thanksgiving is in shock and horrified at the accusations. The house is ransacked. And this is happening in a family that has been part of this community for many years.

Does everyone now assume guilt until innocence is proved? Accusations with pictures of family members were broadcast on the sheriff department’s Facebook page, which allows ugly comments and death threats. Why have they not been charged? Who is watching out for us?

It is best to focus on positive things for...

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