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Letter: Who placed it?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There was a puzzling and disturbing large advertisement in the Aug. 18 issue of the Gazette-Journal. I thought it was placed and paid for by the Mathews Board of Supervisors. I called several friends who tended to think the same and we wondered aloud why Melissa Mason would agree to having her name and telephone number on that list.

I placed three calls to our board, left voicemails with two. They did call me back. I was able to speak directly with Jackie Ingram, who assured me they did not place that ad and didn’t know who did. Two other board members said the same to me and have some ideas on who might have placed the ad. Who or what organization paid for this ad? We need to know.

I feel like it was somewhat threatening and was placed to rile up the public. As stated before by myself and many others, by letters to the editor or in public, the monument should stay as it is and not be transferred to anyone. The Confederate flag should not be allowed o...

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