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Letter: Who is to say what they will want next?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have been following the news about our flood ordinance and various requirements being considered. I think we should only do that which is already required, since the government will likely change it again in a few years. Six years ago, we were “strongly encouraged” and our insurer required us to close in our foundation. Now, if I read it right, they want me to open it back up! Who is to say what they will want next?

I also want to speak to the claim that these requirements will make us safer. By elevating a building, you make it more exposed to wind and at a higher risk of damage. When people are only thinking about flooding, they might not think about all the other dangers and decide not to evacuate. Then, when things get bad, they will call for help and our fire and rescue people will risk their lives to help. I don’t think this will make us a safer, stronger or better community.

Leigh Ramos

Port Haywood, Va. ...

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