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Letter: Who is really doing well?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The President of the United States believes that the private sector is doing OK under his administration. A lot of people would look at our 8+ percent unemployment rate for the past three years and disagree. Some people would look askance at our razor-thin GDP growth; others would check the price of gasoline, the price of groceries, the size of their electricity bill and be perplexed.

I am sure that a lot of people are thrilled to get the company when their adult children move back into their house. It is not hard to see the president’s point of view though. The private sector is paying enough taxes to afford his annual salary of about $450,000; his multimillion dollar golf vacations to Hawaii every year; his golf trips to Martha’s Vineyard every year; and to send his wife and children to mingle with Europe’s royal families every year. If the private sector can afford to pay for the president’s lavish, jet-setting lifestyle, it sur...

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