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Letter: Who do you represent?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Dear Congressman Wittman: Who do you represent? Who are you voting for?

Ninety percent of voters in the United States support strengthening gun purchase background checks. You must agree that 90 percent is a big number. It is real close to all of us. It is well above the usual political divide. One has to believe that your 1st Congressional District has to have similar number. It can’t be that different from the rest of the country. So, your voting base is in that number. 

So, please explain your votes.

On Feb. 27, you voted “No” on HR 8 “Gun Background Checks.” This bill will (it was approved by the House), if passed by the Senate, “expand federal background checks on prospective gun buyers by extending the requirement to transactions on the internet and between private parties at venues, including gun shows and parking lots. This bill will exempt sales between family members and will waive background checks for tra...

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