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Letter: Who can judge another?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The dumb man of God. The law, is it right or wrong? Who can judge another man? How can an evil man judge another evil man, when the Bible said he without sin can judge? Who is without sin when Jesus Christ was the only man that was not born in sin and he judged no man, killed no man, and put nobody in jail? This government that we are under is not like Jesus Christ of the apostles that he left in charge. The apostles were the men that Jesus Christ ordained to preach the Gospel. Romans Chapter 13 tells us that the minister is the one you should give your tax money to because the apostles kill no man, put nobody in jail, judge no man. Told Jews and gentiles to repent. The king of the earth along with the rulers was the one that was doing evil. Any man that kills a man in this day and time is evil. Why? Because every man is somebody’s child. That’s why no man has the right to kill another man, because of us or better than Jesus Christ or his apostles....

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