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Letter: Which party is causing the problems?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

For the past few years I have attended the Riverside Walter Reed Wellness and Fitness Center and exercised three days a week. When I first started, a couple from another state were friendly until she found out I was a Democrat and the only time she speaks to me now is to blame President Obama for events that are a responsibility of Congress, namely the House of Representatives.

Periodically you receive letters that blame President Obama for everything that is not a Republican idea.

These people lack any understanding of government and how things are controlled. They forget that George W. Bush, when he became president, went into office with a surplus of money and no national debt. Bush then put us into two wars with no means of paying the cost of those wars. Remember the statement by Bush when asked who will pay for the wars said, "Let the next president pay for them." Now we have trillions of dollars of debt and no way to pay for it except for the Tea ...

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