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Letter: Which life do you want?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Quite surprisingly our choices in this election are not for candidates, but for a way of life. Choose our former life, once guided by the Constitution with all its inalienable rights and freedoms, or our current path to Communism, now known as Democratic Socialism, which leads us to multiple confiscations and losses. There are no rainbows with these losses, in spite of the promises.

Why then do these two choices seem so muddled? Because many of our former freedoms have morphed into a middle road. Do we even remember what’s missing? We don’t feel “not free,” but we’re not.

Leaders in both parties have played some fancy tricks on us and made unkept promises hoping we wouldn’t notice. And we didn’t, not really. They, nevertheless, prospered handily, voting themselves large salaries and the best health care and retirement. And that’s just the beginning of the dance.

I’ll not expound on our educational systems which have also muddled our thinking. Aren’...

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