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Letter: Where is the responsibility?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When driving around Hampton, what do you see? I see dilapidated houses with brand new cars parked outside. That’s right, I said brand new 2010 sports cars parked outside houses that look like a good puff of wind could knock them over.

When I see this, it screams to me, welfare recipient. Well, why are welfare recipients driving 2010 cars? Where is the responsibility? That isn’t their money they are getting, so why care? As long as the government hands them a check every month, why should, I am ashamed to say, my fellow Americans care?

They spend money however they want. It doesn’t go to food or gas or rent. No, that money goes to their brand new car sitting in the driveway, supports their drug use, supports their addictions, their wants, not needs. So whose money are they throwing away on useless things? That’s right, yours! America, it is time to wake up.

To those of you out there working hard every day and putting your family...

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