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Letter: Where is the proof?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In regards to “A violation of trust” (Readers Write, Dec. 1, 2022), it never ceases to amaze me when an obviously erudite individual tries to convert his audience without evidence for his assertions. Where is the proof that the government regulators were in concert with many of the media to curb our speech and civil rights? Neither were curbed for me.

As to the alleged “severe restrictions” and “censorship of views, opinions and opposition,” the author should provide solid examples of those issues. Who are the physicians that were threatened with loss of licenses for their opposition? What are the common drugs that were proven to be effective in treating the virus and what is the proof of such effectiveness? It’s been my experience over 84 years that the mainstream media jumps at the chance to publicize questionable tactics such these. I don’t remember seeing or hearing any reports of this nature.

I think the author is far too harsh in his criticism o...

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