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Letter: Where is the outrage?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While there comes a time where we all need to step back and look instead of moving forward full throttle. Sometimes we as Americans get so wrapped up in our own life that we forget to see what is happening around us, community and the world. At least I hope this is the case.

It seems that no one wants to get involved unless it is a sport for your child or an activity to do with your family; we forget that there are others out there in the world. Our veterans lack the medical care they need from the physicians that they heal because of red tape that the government has created for them. They are dying, some by natural causes and some by suicide from disorders that they are not able to cope with.

Our public safety people have come under attack now—firefighters, medics and police officers are in the crosshairs of the government to include local and state governments. Most people never get to see or have to cope with the things those people have seen or don...

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