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Letter: Where is the high-speed internet?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Like many other residents of Gloucester County, I live in what would be described as a rural area. The advantages of living in that type of environment are many: large properties, privacy, quiet, etc. However, there is one glaring disadvantage for many of us.

This drawback is access to high-speed internet. These days, it is essential that all homes have the ability to access the internet (and I don’t mean by dial-up!). Banking, e-commerce, schoolwork and school grades, and just about everything else is online.

Yet I live the equivalent of one-city block away from one of the largest subdivisions in Gloucester County and I cannot purchase cable internet, FIOS internet or DSL internet. So I can imagine what it must be like for county residents who really live off the beaten path.

We have tried satellite internet, which is—despite the advertising—no better than dial-up. We are currently using a cellular air card. With the cellular towers...

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