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Letter: Where is Rep. Wittman’s leadership?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While reasonable debate about details of immigration policy is certainly possible, there can be no debate about the harms of the zero-tolerance policy put into effect by the Trump administration on young children and families. Where is Rep. Rob Wittman’s leadership on this issue?

Last week I phoned or wrote to Rep. Wittman’s office three times, joining a chorus of distress at images and audio of very young children crying for their mothers and other family members, many of whom fled to our borders to escape violence. We now know that 2,000 children have been flown all across the country and held in facilities where the rule is that they cannot be touched or hugged when crying. Rep. Wittman has stated he is against family separation on the border. Yet this week on Monday, he released a statement that focuses on erection of a border wall, hypes a scenario of criminals pouring across our border, renews a call against sanctuary cities.

Of course we n...

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