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Letter: Where does it end?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Gloucester County Schools has bent over backwards to accommodate the desires of a teenager who was born a female, but “identifies” as a male. I wonder how much money in attorney’s fees and litigation costs it has cost the county taxpayer to challenge this foolishness.

I sat and wondered what I would do as superintendent of schools, seeing a president mandating this immorality and the ACLU’s free (at taxpayer expense) representation of the plaintiff.

So, what I would do is to close all multi-stall restrooms in the school. Lock them up. Then place 20 porta-potties around the exterior of the school for students to use.

All single-occupancy restrooms would be made available to the students. Voila! Transgender generic bathrooms fulfilling the spirit of Obama’s order.

Then it occurred to me that even though I am coming up on 62, I identify as a 70 year-old. As such, since I waited to draw social security, I want the maximum monthly ...

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