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Letter: Where are the brave?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Yes, our military are brave, but what about the rest of America? Where are the future leaders coming from? Will they want to lead because they love our country, or simply because they like the idea of the power and the money, because this is what drives too many who are trying to be elected.

Do you really want another Clinton, a history of deception and greed … or Sanders, the confirmed socialist who wants to make the U.S. socialist? Either one would further damage us and we must not allow this.

I don’t see Trump as president because he is one who craves the power and attention. We opened the door to more Republican candidates than ever before, but thanks to the media and citizens who use the net to vent their often-tainted information, the number dropped quickly.

Don’t look for that perfect candidate, because there are no perfect people. Use your brain, read information from newspapers, books, use various resources to weed out bias, pick...

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