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Letter: Where are all the flags?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As I drive around, I notice that there aren’t very many flags around anymore. I remember right after 9-11 there were flags everywhere to show how much we love the United States and to show that we will not be beat down by terrorists.

Now, with the new atmosphere in our beloved country, it seems that everyone is afraid to fly a flag; afraid to show their patriotism. This is America! We used to love our country and all it stood for. We used to proudly fly our flag on our homes and businesses. Now, you have homeowners’ associations telling people they can’t fly their flag because it might offend someone! So what?! This is America!

I fly my flag every day. Flying my flag is how I show that I’m proud to be an American veteran; proud of my service to her and proud of every other veteran who did the same.

As Flag Day, June 14, approaches, let’s put them up everywhere! Let us remember to protect this proud symbol of our country. Be fam...

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