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Letter: When will we no longer have to wear a mask?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

If I may be so bold, may I ask a question of importance pertaining to your personal liberty? When will the American people no longer be required to wear a face mask?

Why ask the question?

First, look around your community. Some of us insist on wearing masks. Some refuse while others go either way, depending on the company they are in. Actual cults of the mask and the anti-mask are forming as we deal with a new virus.

Second, that new virus is never going to go away. It was released upon the world and swept across it, and there is no way to ever put it back from whence it came. It’s here till the world ends.

So, do you have an answer?

When will Americans no longer be required to wear a mask? I’ll help you out a little. Boris Johnson, England’s Prime Minister, said in February 2020 that “it is easy to put restrictions on people in times like this—it is difficult, almost impossible, to remove them!”

If you need to see how things are going, re...

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