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Letter: When I Wasn’t Looking

When I Wasn’t Looking

Where am I?

Not in Kansas anymore

That’s for sure

I don’t recognize this place.

The world I knew vanished

It just slipped away

On one of those days

When I wasn’t looking.


It seems a different planet

Far from the one I knew

Sometimes I think I’m all alone

In a strange new town.

The grass is still green, flowers pink

And the sun still brings the morning

But its very soul was stolen

When I wasn’t looking.


Someone changed the clothes

And the language is not mine

They took the words I once used

And turned them all around.

They took away our babies

Before they were even born

Said the elderly weren’t necessary

When I wasn’t looking.


I want my old world back

This one doesn’t fit

I don’t like it at all

I liked being free.

It is too late now

To get it back

Or was this new world cast in stone

When I wasn’t looking?


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