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Letter: When does diversity become destructive?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When the word diversity was first introduced into the national dialogue, it was an attractive feature of our culture. Generally, it was accepted as a strength to our national fabric. However, over time and taken to its extreme, diversity has become a destructive element to the unity of our republic.

While millions of Europeans, Africans, Asians and South Americans have undoubtedly added power and originality to America, their collective contribution has been demeaned over the last quarter century. We are no longer a melting pot, but now a country of hyphenated loyalties. We allow too many immigrants to remain alien from the common language of English and the need to accept responsibility for American citizenship. Unfortunately, many leaders of these diverse communities call for an isolation from the mainstream of American culture while demanding all the privileges of being American.

Even some national leaders deemphasize the importance of a standard bor...

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