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Letter: When can the bereaved expect closure?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Over the last few days, we have experienced a lot of TV time with memorial activities concerning 9/11 and listened to many speeches on the subject of grief and the effect of the horrible atrocity on the lives of so many. My heart goes out to all of them.

Missing, in my mind, was any discussion about bringing those associated with this horrible act to justice. After the ridiculous idea of a public trial in New York was abandoned, any schedule for trial for the assistants and planners of the attack who are in our custody seems to have become obscure.

The same situation exists with plans for a trial of Maj. Hassan of Fort Hood fame. There has been no closure for the next of kin of the shooting victims—no trial, just silence.

What is wrong here, America? Have we become so politically correct that the potentially guilty cannot be brought to trial in a reasonable time period? Could it be because they are of the Muslim faith and we have trouble getting...

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