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Letter: What’s the rain doing to our waters?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Rain, rain, rain. Along with all of that uncontrollable runoff comes nutrient inflow, which has been the case for thousands of years. There is a huge difference between what happens now to all that runoff/nutrients and what happens in the spring when water temperatures rise.

When it’s cold, nutrients are not being taken up by the teeny plants and animals that feed on them. And how about those celebrated filter feeders—the oysters and clams? What are they up to when water temperatures fall? Not much actually; they’re sort of asleep on the job because their filtering slows way down. And, of course, they may as well since there isn’t much to eat anyway.

So … what happens to all that nutrient-rich runoff? Your guess is as good as mine. Better yet, as the VIMS-ies. They are the ones who dreamed up the er-ah oyster cleaning up the bay fantasy.

While you are waiting for an answer to that question, you’ll have plenty of time to ...

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