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Letter: What we are thankful for

Our residents read in your paper that you wanted people to write what they are thankful for. We put our heads together and these are a few of the things we give thanks for daily.

Living in a free country was tops on this list. Some folks said they had traveled out of the United States and were grateful for the freedoms we have that many other countries can only hope for.

Freedom to worship was also discussed and our residents are thankful that various churches hold services in our building. One resident is thankful that his friends pick him up to take him to church.

Freedom of speech and of the press was discussed. They noted that although sometimes things do not look quite right in Washington the people have the right to elect and reject politicians.

Someone spoke up and said since we are talking about Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for our food. Many countries do not have the bounty of food that we have. They hoped everyone’s table would be full at Thanksgiving...

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