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Letter: What to do?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Masks or no masks? Vaccinations or no vaccinations?

Could that be decided by the President or Congress?

You can ask the president and members of Congress where they get the authority to dictate our health care. They can’t answer because there is nothing in the Constitution giving them that authority.

Those who quote ‘’for the General Welfare’’ as authorization for government spending are not quoting the Constitution. That is in the Preface to the Constitution as a reason for needing one. If that quote applied to laws and presidential edicts, anything would be authorized for Congress or the president to do and there would be no need for a Constitution. It is the Constitution that lists what Congress and the president are authorized to do. Health care is not included.

Presidential edicts and unconstitutional laws about health care can and should be nullified. People need to make those decisions for themselves and for their children. The best solut...

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