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Letter: What the president doesn’t know

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

May I please point out, although with some hesitancy, the president claims once again to not know.

The latest example involves the cancellation of health insurance policies. Prior to that, he was unaware of U.S. spying on Germany’s Angela Merkel. How about not knowing about the IRS targeting Tea Party activists or not knowing about NSA spying on the American public? Please recall this began with not knowing about Fast and Furious.

This brings to mind a little parable that might have some bearing on the matter: "He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool. Shun him."

Perhaps future news events might better serve the public if the focus is on what he knows. This might prove to be a very short dissertation. Brevity is often the essence of fact.

Andrew Maggard

Port Haywood, Va.


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