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Letter: What Jesus did for us

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Many years ago, man had an erroneous image of God as a righteous, all-powerful being, so awesome that to see His face was to die. To sin was to incur His wrath. He seemed aloof and lived in a place so incredibly beautiful and perfect that we couldn’t comprehend it.

Someone had to give us a correct understanding of God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and grace. That person would have to interface with us in sometimes difficult or dangerous situations. He would have to endure heat, cold, hunger, thirst, fatigue and other unpleasant physical conditions. He would have to see evil, cruelty, injustices, hatred and other types of man’s inhumanity. He would have to face rejection and opposition from those who felt their power threatened. And, in the end, He would have to suffer and die for our sins.

Jesus volunteered for that job, and came to earth as a baby on the first Christmas Day. He endured all of that to save our souls because He loves us.


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