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Letter: What is wrong here?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What has happened to the principles and ideals our country has stood for, for more than 200 years?

Separating children from their parents is so unchristian. I can’t believe this is happening here. They are asylum seekers. Unless you are a Native American, we are all descendants of immigrants.

What is wrong here? What is with turning a blind eye? What is with disrespecting and turning on our allies? What is with this president and his admiration for leaders of countries that do not share our freedoms and principles and values?

This is not the country I served in the Army for. This is not the country I have been a citizen for nearly 70 years, and a small-business owner for nearly 37 years.

I did not support Trump for president because he showed me his character when he was campaigning. When he became president, I still hoped for the best for our country. I feel his administration has done more damage to the integrity of our country and its standing in ...

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