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Letter: What is right and just

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Gloucester County School Board made the right decision. Not only is it the right decision, it is logical, as it provides a private facility for a 15-year-old female who is insisting on using the male bathroom, without turning the entire student body upside down.

But, the ACLU feeds on this drama and now threatens to sue in their effort to override common sense and what our laws were intended to do—provide order and apply to all, without favor to one.

How many times do you hear, or are told, to be careful … you might offend someone with your own words, even though you are not slandering anyone, but simply stating your beliefs? Doing this is a method of silencing any who don’t agree with the politically correct rules being forced on society.

Already God has been shoved aside in too many places, and yet, He is the reason we are all created equal! How many citizens in Gloucester will stand with and support the school board and its decisio...

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