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Letter: What glitch?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Kendall Sentz’s letter (‘A glitch? Really?’ Dec. 3 Readers Write) is one of the most divisive letters I have read, but there is not enough space to rebut some of the more ridiculous ideas. However, it is full of lies, blasphemous statements about people who do not share his opinions (treason?) and is an example of people who listen to internet crackpots that have brainwashed them with “alternate” facts and conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, they show no interest in bringing this country together after four years of a president who has torn it apart.

Mr. Sentz did put forward percentage figures for the state results showing that Biden won the election. The swing state ballots have been counted and recounted. Every claim by the president’s lawyers about a fraudulent result of the election based on mail-in ballots has been dismissed by the courts because there is no evidence. Weeks after the election when Chris Krebs, Cybersecurity Director in the Homel...

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