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Letter: What defines a leader

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama used the word "change" and promises of "more" to the voters, but never defined what change or more he was talking about. He also sought the votes of immigrants from Mexico, promising the same and indicating even greater access to the United States. Then he stated he would rather be a one-term president and bring about all this "change" and "more" than be reelected.

In honest words, he was making a deal without regard to right, wrong or reality to be elected. Be a one-term president? Not if he can help it. And he has been running for reelection since he took office.

We have had great presidents, O.K. presidents, and also some that were serious disappointments … but this president is unique because his arrogance and pride are detrimental to America. Without shame, he has compared himself with the greatest presidents in our history, and his disrespect for our Constitution and laws has damaged u...

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