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Letter: We the People

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As I watch what is going on in this country, I feel like I have no voice in what is happening. As voters, we send representatives to Congress who supposedly share our views and interests. However, over the past few elections, we have seen “we the people” have no representation.

The people we elect have become political pawns of the political party in power, not the general population. Once in office, they forget what they may have promised us during the election and become puppets of their political party. For example, is it possible that every one of the 235 Democrat representatives in the House share the speaker’s view on every issue? And the same holds true in the Senate. It matters not who we elect. It’s as if they are brainwashed.

Theoretically, we could change this situation when we vote, but we know we can’t. No matter what our candidate tells us and how sincere he or she may be, when they arrive in Washington they do what they are told by poli...

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