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Letter: We need a leader, not a paragon of virtue

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


Are there any honest politicians anymore; or better yet, were they ever? The human animal, contrary to some opinion, is flawed … some more than others. In the political arena, the images of honesty and morality are selling points and among the most focused on for negative ads.


We envision our guy or gal the pinnacle of virtue, the cream of the crop, and the others all crooks. But in our hearts we know better. The “D” or the “R” just seem to cloud our minds. At the end of the day, does it matter? Maybe not.


Al Capone, public enemy number one, was loved by many in Chicago because he gave so much to the orphans, illustrating the adage: “Yea, he’s a crook. But he’s my crook.”


Our own past governor left under scandal that killed his future aspirations, even though many (not me) give him high marks as governor. Governor Christie in New Jersey (like a lot) is only seei...

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