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Letter: We must put aside our differences

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I grew up in Gloucester, graduated from GHS, subscribed to Gazette-Journal for the last six years. These last few years I’ve noticed a letter to the editor just about every week from Dawn Dale. She has preached from her soap box quite often. I don’t believe any politician other than a Republican could ever earn her respect or kind words.

It’s safe to say she has an agenda she wants to publicize and that’s fine, it’s freedom of speech. She no doubt is a religious, right wing conservative. That is her right to support the political party/candidates who agree with her philosophy. I’m an independent progressive who usually votes Democratic, however I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton in November.

I expect to receive a scathing rebuttal from Ms. Dale. I will not respond or debate her. I am only pointing out my view and response to the letters and responses she has published in this paper.

Our government should not promote...

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