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Letter: We ignore it at our peril

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This past year has been a wet one here in the Tidewater. We had 10” more rain than normal and this was without a major hurricane.

Extreme weather events like this or the storms which were inflicted on Texas last year are predicted to become more frequent. Scientists tell us that these are the products of global warming and resulting climate change. They tell us that this warming is mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting atmospheric discharge of harmful gases.

So we must do everything we can to prevent this. With a worldwide effort this can be done. But emphasizing emission controls without adapting to climate change is misguided because, even with our best efforts, the planet will continue to warm for decades before a positive result can be seen.

So adapt we must. In our area the main problem will be the predicted rise in sea level. Our economy is now global and all businesses, large and small, are dependent in some way on our ...

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