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Letter: We have had enough

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Horrific! U.S. gun violence deaths come again and again and nothing is done. Who is next?

A recent letter to the editor in another paper—“Good guys with guns”—opined, “The best defense for us good guys is to be able to defend ourselves where ever we are.” Then comes the Dayton shooter who kills 10 and wounds 25 in 30 seconds. Easy to defend, right? Why are large magazine military-style weapons legal? 

So far in 2019, seven mass shootings have occurred in 23 developed counties. In the U.S., the number is 249. Are Americans more wacko than other nationalities, more video-game-warped or are the tools for mass killing more readily available? I think you know that answer.

One writer in our local paper implies that recognition of and help for troubled people will solve the problem. Surely some of that is happening already—yet killings continue. Unfortunately, he makes no suggestion for implementation? Maybe that is t...

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