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Letter: We don’t want to know the truth

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When I was born October 21, 1951, nobody was telling the truth. Our government was arresting, judging and killing black men, women and children with our tax money.

Rosa Parks got arrested and judged for not giving up her seat to a white man.

Now when did God said he made a white man or a black man? Jesus Christ was born the king of the Jews. He died to save all souls that was born in sin and I know we all were born in sin. He told man not to swear. Read Matthew.

Now when are all men going to be like King Jesus Christ who was arrested, judged and killed?

Look at the white man and the black man. Both have arrested, judged and killed men, women and children, for what? When are all men going to know it’s wrong to kill a man? God’s son knows it is wrong. Why do we not know? Because we do not want to know the truth.

Ronald L. Paige

Gloucester, Va. ...

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