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Letter: We didn’t do it for you

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Joe Biden.

You proved my contention that your slippery oozy saying to a veteran “Thank you for your service,” was always what I have observed before. Nothing but you checking off another politically correct box in your to-do list of making you feel good about being so Special.

“It’s what we of the refined gentle upper class does, don’t you know?”

This week in your ostentatious overkill response to a tragic unlawful trespass on Capitol grounds by a tiny fraction of the thousands of “otherwise peaceful demonstrators,” you militarized our nation’s capital.

As a show to guard your inaugural ceremonies, you plucked 25,000 National Guardsmen and women from their lives all over the nation to stand guard. You surpassed Lincoln at the height of the Civil War, while you celebrated your return to controlling our government. It was more military presence in a capital of a nation than I had seen in my visit to Saigon the capita...

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