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Letter: We definitely need some changes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have lived in Mathews all my life (72 years). I am appalled at what the Board of Supervisors has done over the past few years.

First, they gave $100,000 to the YMCA. I have no qualms with the initial donation, but why do we give $20,000 a year to use it as a hurricane shelter? It should only be given if we use it as a hurricane shelter. If we do not use it as a hurricane shelter, hold the money in escrow and use it for other purposes. The YMCA is a membership entity/business and should stand on its own financially.

Second, I do believe that our teachers and school staff are underpaid. But, you cannot keep raising taxes on citizens of whom 35 percent are on a fixed income. The county needs to bring more business to the county for the tax rolls. Also, the schools need to be more frugal and consolidate anything that can be. Also, I understand we give $35,000 to Rappahannock Community College each year. Why do our students who attend courses there have to pay ...

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