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Letter: Was Reagan a socialist?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Liberalism, or progressivism, does not equate to socialism or Marxism. Calling a belief by a different, derogatory name is simply a method to marginalize it and demonize its adherents, thereby rendering proponents’ ideas as unsafe and not to be believed. Andrew Maggard’s recent letters have prompted me to examine these terms. I’ve relearned what I always knew: new ideas are not necessarily bad ideas.

Rather than the fearsome philosophy some would have us believe, progressive thought has brought America many positive programs, in particular, the idea of freedom from British rule in 1776. Others have been: training and professionalism for teachers and social workers, Social Security, Medicare, Human Rights legislation, Civil Rights legislation, suffrage for African-Americans and women, child labor laws, the eight-hour workday, minimum wage, worker’s compensation laws, public education, direct election of senators, the right of recall...

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