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Letter: Wake up America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Many Americans have no idea what is going on in our nation. Our main stations do not cover the border or the crime existing and has existed in mostly Democratic states since George Floyd’s death. Is his death a reason to allow such chaos and crime in our large cities across in America?

Racism will always exist on both sides of the aisle. We as a nation can deal with racism by not using race as a way of life. We live in a nation of people not color or race. Biden promised Unity—CRT, defunding the police, masks or no masks, are we always to live in fear?

Our government says they are transparent, but they are far from it. Where do we stand with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea? All of these nations are a threat to our society. Are these countries being held accountable? Once again, no transparency.

This administration has borrowed $2 trillion for COVID relief. We are bipartisan on infrastructural repairs which is reasonable. Then they want another ...

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