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Letter: Voting for the plain American flag

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Earle Murphy, Tea Party member, decided, at 83 years old, not to vote against the citizens republic Constitution and participate in voting under the "Corporation’s Gold Trimmed Flag" of non-God laws, as Guild laws being International laws in our town’s public buildings, and voting under our rights of non deception.

Take the gold-trimmed flag from our communities. Replace our flag. Our plain American flag carries our "Republic laws" of our rights and freedom for all citizens. In 1933 President FDR changed the flag for America—to a "Corporation’s Gold Trimmed Flag" of the United Nations—parliamentary laws.

What flag is displayed in our town’s buildings? We citizens must restore our rightful plain flag, town by town. The gold-trimmed flag carries "Guild Laws." Also used, the American Bar Attorneys. 1954. Replace "Fact of Law" back to "Our Rule of Laws."

Earle ...

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