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Letter: Voters: Do your homework

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

First, I am a proud American citizen, born and bred in Mathews. I am not a political person or party affiliate, but I do perform my civic duties of voting and standing up for what is right. I always do research days before I go to vote and I am appalled at what I have found. First, Hillary Clinton has been involved in 10 or more scandals including Chinagate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster Jr. mystery, Filegate, Cattle-Futures Miracle, Lootergate, Drug Dealer Donor Scandal, Ponzi Scheme and Political Favor Scandal, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation (check them out on your computer, I had no idea there were so many).

And now, there’s the investigation going on concerning the file server, email and classified material. When I was a classified material control officer for the U.S. government, if I had mislaid a SECRET document, there would have been dire consequences. They are crucifying General Petraeus and what Hillary did is worse because it was...

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