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Letter: Vote ‘Yes’ on Mathews meals tax

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is so easy to take things for granted. We expect the fire department, the rescue squad (which doesn’t charge Mathews residents), the sheriff’s department, and our public schools to be there when we need them, especially in an emergency. Now we have a chance to show that we value these services by supporting the meals tax in Mathews on Nov. 8. County officials have provided a detailed list of where the money would go through a Capital Improvements Fund that focuses on maintenance, repairs and security.

Several news stories have provided this information in recent weeks, and it’s also available at the county offices. For those who call for generic spending cuts instead, this is only useful if you also provide details on what you want to cut. The budget is online and in county offices—it’s not complicated and staff will answer your questions. I’ve done it. Deferring repairs and security needs is false economy and ends up co...

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