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Letter: Vote Wittman for an improved economy

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Now that Hanover County is in the First District, Rep. Wittman is my congressman. I have attended several meetings with Rep. Wittman. He does a great job of representing one of the most diverse districts in Virginia. I see the Chesapeake Bay is doing well. The shipyards are starting to hire people and the First District economy is improving.

The nationwide economy is doing well. The GDP grew over 4 percent. Unemployment is under 4 percent. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low. The Trump economic policy is working. Rep. Wittman supports the Trump economic policy. The future looks a lot better.

It would be a shame if the Democrats took control of the Congress in the election. They would reverse everything Trump has done to improve the economic outlook. The Democrats hate Trump. This is their platform. They have nothing else to offer. “We Hate Trump” may make a good sound-bite on fake news, but it makes very bad public policy.

I wi...

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