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Letter: Vote ‘No’ on the meals tax

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Is the county in financial straits that revenue is needed, perhaps for items in the planning stage that the citizens are kept in the dark or for funds necessary to match grants? The board of supervisors just passed a 15 percent increase in the real estate tax rate and now wants another 4 percent meals tax.

The 4 percent looks small; however, when you relate that rate to the real estate tax rate, it is somewhat a more progressive tax. For example, for every $100 of assessment, the homeowner pays 54 cents. However, for $100 of food, the tax is $4. This tax rate is 740 percent greater than the real estate tax rate.

The county administrator stated that Gloucester passed its meals tax in 1996, indicating that Mathews should follow suit. However, the Gloucester County supervisor from the York District stated a few months ago “Gloucester is in financial straits and will not use matching funds for sewer and water for Woodville Park.” As stated in my arti...

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