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Letter: Vote ‘No’ on meals tax

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Two issues … First the threat, “I will be faced with the inevitable decision of voting to lift the property tax higher if the meals tax is not implemented.” Next, the irrational rationale, “Mathews County residents don’t think about going to dinner and paying that county’s meals tax.”  

So, Mr. Supervisor (who has been there managing our moneys for 25 years), if we don’t do it (tax ourselves) you will be obliged do it later. And, even then, you probably will do it (raise the property tax) as well. I have been out talking to citizens of the county; they indeed feel intimidated by this property tax threat. This is pretty low!

Now let’s address the editorial page. Mathewsians have always prided themselves as being different in many ways from Gloucester and surrounding counties. The Gazette-Journal opines that because Gloucester has a food/meals tax we should have one as well. With that line of reasonin...

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