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Letter: Vote for the party

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The old political slogan rings loud and clear as Nov. 7 approaches: “Vote for the man, not the party.” To my mind this depends on your financial and moral standing.

If you are now or may in the future benefit from our Social Security system, remember that it was Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who got it started. Be aware that since then the Republicans in Congress have tried to weaken or do away with Social Security. But if you are one who has money running out of your ears, this fact may not matter to you at all.

If you believe that no person should be thrown into bankruptcy due to the cost of medical treatment, keep in mind that it was Democratic President Barack Obama who signed the Affordable Health Care Act, however imperfect it may be, into law, as the first step in providing good health insurance coverage to millions of uninsured Americans. But if you are so well off as to be self-insured, or not care that many of your fell...

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