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Letter: Vote for Romney/Ryan

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

No presidential candidate will ever be perfect, although Obama did seem so, to many, in 2008. Now, we know better! His very sketchy past, his known associations, then and now, his biographical books, public comments and his record in office contain strong indications of a man who hates white people, hates our country and is actively working to destroy it by making it into just another dependent, subservient, non-exceptional piece of the socialist/communist global community which he envisions as perfection!

Romney’s not perfect either, but he has a long record of leadership ability, and a consistently demonstrated true love of country. Obama wants us to live a communist lifestyle, under a global form of governance like the U.N. I have visited communist Russia; I have lived in communist North Vietnam. Communism may sound good, to some, but I guarantee, most Americans would not be happy living in either location!

Save your family and our country&mdas...

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