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Letter: Vote blue, save America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Congressman Wittman is playing fast and free with the truth when he claims President Biden’s policies have failed. But that’s not surprising coming from a man who supports an ex-President found liable for a sexual assault, is going on trial for lying about paying hush money to a porn star, and brags about grabbing women by their private parts.

The facts simply don’t support Wittman. In November 2022, President Biden signed the history-making, bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that has helped bring jobs to Congressional District One. Wittman voted against the bill.

Here is a partial list of First Congressional District and Virginia projects Congressman Wittman has opposed:

$25,000,000 federal funds to expand I-64 in New Kent County.

Federal funds to improve airports in the 1st District.

$1.4 billion in federal funds to extend broadband high-speed internet service throughout Virginia, focusing on rural areas. Several hundred million has already b...

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