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Letter: Vaccines and masks are safe

Editor, Gazette-Journal

In a letter last week (“Don’t panic,” Readers Write, Sept. 30.), a writer worried about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines because they had “approval for emergency use only” and about masks because they may not be safe. Worries about either one are unwarranted. Both are safe.

The Pfizer vaccine has been given full approval by the FDA and the Moderna and J&J vaccines will soon follow. All have been tested more than any other vaccine in history. Any delay in getting the shot only increases the chance of getting the virus.

As far as masks go, I wore a mask at work all day, every day, for well over 30 years and, believe it or not, I can still walk, talk, and even write letter to the editor! So, I suppose, masks couldn’t be all that bad and, most likely, do a lot of good. Do not hesitate to wear a mask when advised to do so.

Arthur H. Jennette, MDCardinal, Va.

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