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Letter: Using God’s name in vain

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Many people believe using God’s name in vain is a sin and, as a young man, my parents would reprimand me if I cursed … but I always thought it meant something else. To me, when a person tries to assert their moral authority on others based on their belief system, that is using God’s name in vain.

Many religions have quirky beliefs that other folks don’t like or define differently, like the seven deadly sins of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.

Imagine writing a letter to the editor, buying a car, or even supersizing your fast food using these criteria. Some religious factions allow raping and enslaving young girls. Imagine this happening in our country and using the religious freedom defense. Imagine not being served because the waiter thinks you’re too heavy or not getting a loan because the banker thinks you look sloppy.

My point is simple: When you use your religion to deny or hurt someone, you are using ...

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